Online Casinos in New Zealand

Online Casinos in New Zealand Online Casinos in New Zealand

If you live in New Zealand or outside and are able to play with Kiwi dollars, then this guide will enable you to understand how online casinos function in New Zealand, what the laws are for kiwi players, which site are the top-ranked online casinos in New Zealand, and what services should be made available to consider the site to be the best online casino that there is. This is the ultimate Online Casino NZ Guide!

Gambling online

Not too many kiwi players are exposed to the facts of gambling online, so we hope to be able to enlighten you and show the bigger picture regarding the possibilities. This is not to say that we push players into gambling, we just give the facts and the most important of which, is that gambling can lead to addiction.

If you are looking to bet online inside any number of online casinos in New Zealand, then it’s more than just about being the right age, it’s about having the right financial backing and players should only take the task on if they are able to meet the costs of losing.

Winning online is all about being in the right casino and playing the right game, all at the right time.

Best casinos in New Zealand

So, what makes a casino great? There are many contributing factors but, the rule of thumb is, the right casino should be the one that serves your needs and exceeds your expectations. Players are all different as too as the online casinos in New Zealand. Now, an avid bingo player is not going to benefit from joining any of the Kiwi casinos online that only provide a very small number of digital bingo games. In fact, they are better off registering with a site that is bingo only and actually not part of the ‘casino’ list.

Picking the best casino is all relative to what is right for the player and the ideal scenario is what we are faced with, and this is that players in the North island and main have a diverse choice to suit any type of player looking to join one or more online casino NZ platforms.

Here are some key attributes of a site that need considering:

  1. ✅ Does the casino have the same banking service as you?
  2. ✅ Is the customer support open during the hours you play?
  3. ✅ Are you supported with enough games and new releases?
  4. ✅ Does the casino support players with promotional bonuses?
  5. ✅ Can you access the casino via your mobile smartphone?

These are important things to think about when looking to select the right casino online to join.

NZ online casino sites

So, what are the general nuances that can be expected of a typical online casino that is available to kiwis?

Well, there are a number of NZ online casinos that you are able to join, and you can chop and change as many times as you like. With Kiwi casinos online you are able to play with NZ dollars and win the same in return. When it comes to the gaming, it shows why these sites stand out as the best online casino services in the business.

From the typical online casinos in New Zealand, each site offers roughly 500 different casino games. Players will also have access to other betting platforms that include live dealer gaming, sports betting and poker tournaments.

Banking is supportive of local options, whilst players are able to use alternative online banking methods to help deposit and withdraw their money.

It is typical of any casino online to offer special casino bonuses. There are many numerous promotions provided by the NZ online casinos that are exclusive to North Island and main residents only, despite these casinos actually being global platforms.

What this means is that players from all over the world are able to access these gambling hubs and literally play against each other in the task of winning jackpots from games before the other players win them first.

Gambling in NZ

Gambling and New Zealand have had a brief history when compared to Europe, a bit like in America, the games were imported in, rather than created there. In New Zealand, there are a number of land-based casinos:

  • Dunedin Casino.
  • Christchurch Casino.
  • SkyCity Auckland.
  • SkyCity Hamilton.
  • SkyCity Queenstown.
  • Skycity Wharf Casino.

Now, six is a small number to have considering the size of New Zealand, so access isn’t an easy thing for many players. The implementation and availability of having online casinos in New Zealand will significantly boost the playing number which will lead to a greater number of online memberships than what is experienced by land-based casinos.

The question is, are Kiwi casinos online even legal?

Is Gambling Legal in New Zealand

So, is gambling allowed in New Zealand? Well, the laws here in New Zealand are similar to those of other countries. The Gambling Act of 2003 makes gambling illegal unless the service provided is authorised by the Gambling Commission. Now, the thing to note is that laws can only pertain to businesses and people that are remotely on the island and north island. The laws do not and are not able to extend into the online, worldwide web domain, therefore, online casinos are not affected by the laws of NZ or any country. How so? Because none of the casinos listed online are registered in New Zealand, they are all overseas domains.

What makes these sites safe are their licensing credentials, approved by governing bodies in other countries like the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao eGaming Authority, or the Malta Gaming Authority. There are only 6 gambling commission bodies in the world, excluding the Asian territories. So, these online casinos in New Zealand are approved by those who govern a large proportion of the online casino industry.

One of the key factors of becoming the best online casino is, of course, the safety and fair play aspects of a gambling platform. From the Kiwi casinos online that we are able to guide you to, Kiwi players can rest assured that all games and services have been independently tested and verified as fair and safe prior to being given a gambling license and joining the worldwide web.

Best Online Casino New Zealand

Through your new online casino, you will be able to experiencece the best software to secure all personal data. You will have the latest in-date security tools to help you feel confident about playing online. Each of these Kiwi casinos online use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which is an encryption program that uses a coding sequence firewall to stop online hackers.

The online casinos in New Zealand will be supported with the best gaming software, with developers like NetEnt, Elk, Red Tiger, Microgaming and Playtech all available and providing their award-winning products to help you win real NZ dollars online.

We know that from the NZ online casinos that are available through us, you will be able to acquire a limited one-off welcome bonus that is an exclusive opt-in bonus that can rewards players with extra cash credit and free spins to play with. If you use any bonus from within any of the online casino NZ sites, then please do read the terms and conditions provided.